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What we do?

tU7wLZCWCILcxStmXVtoIFo4lhTeUxIy76XEzZ1b, a pioneer in e-journalism, was first introduced in 2007 it has been in operation for 14 years consecutively, and has become one of the most widely used and trusted websites in Mongolia, and endeavours to provide our readers with; fact-checked, politically neutral news, and with positive contents beneficial to society.
AsgWSAtit8gsZkjyYeVMNDKdG64Ul2OsmBbLUezF is a media content website created in 2016 specifically for the Zoomers or the “Gen Z” demographic and focuses mainly on “edutainment”, and more importantly it is the ONLY and leading website that provides effective psychological counselling for adolescents through our collaboration with certified psychologists. The creative development team at, consisting of talented young individuals, presents you with a wealth of exciting and informative publications, comics, and video contents for your perusal.
Since 2017, has been providing educational and developmental content for preschool children through the mediums of insightful stories, songs, nursery rhymes and poems, and likewise provides advisory information for parents and guardians respectively.
In the scope of our PR agency business, we provide creative and comprehensive marketing consulting services, including the production and development of content that meets the clients’ requirements and the distribution of content through targeted media channels. Our creative team composing of marketers, journalists, directors, camera operators, photographers, designers, artists, and social media experts are creating content in all its various mediums, including; text, video, photo, audio, graphics, animation, and comics.
Since the conception of the Maamuu project in 2016, the project aimed to produce a positive impact on children's early development and education, and through this endeavour the characters “Aami and Taami” were conceived, who were the central characters of a 17-episode 2D/3D cartoon series of the same name, immediately became a sensation among toddlers and children, and became much-loved national icons. We work to fill the vacuum in the domestic content production while also developing a globally competitive Mongolian brand.
In order to provide children with knowledge of nature, ecology and nurturing the environment in an interesting and accessible form for children, the "Nogun" adventure comic series was produced and launched its first issue in 2014, and currently we have released 20 issues of softcover comic books for our young readers. The comic book has also been adapted into an animated multimedia version which our readers can access via the Mplus+ application.
Mongol Music, is a music distribution platform akin to Spotify, iTunes store, AppleMusic, and presents officially licensed works of Mongolian bands, singers, and artists through its music store, streams, and other services. If you are an artist and wish to increase your exposure and are seeking a ‘reliable’ access to the market, you have the option to partner with us and have confidence that your content or intellectual properties receives its spotlight and incomes.
We have been providing event management service since 2017, experiencing more than 100 events such as corporate conferences, receptions, entertainment shows, product launches and other celebration events tailored with the requirement of local and overseas clients. We also developed the first time in Mongolia, a digital invitation and online registration solution through our brand new platform.
We provide comprehensive software and software development solutions to major organisations, domestic and international, developing all types of websites and mobile applications concurrent with the latest technologies and most optimal solutions as required by the clients.

Who we are?

Гүйцэтгэх захирал Э. Чинзориг
Chinzorig Enkhtsetseg

Welcome to Mongol Content LLC. We, Mongol Content, envisioned to create globally competitive Mongolian contents, will be your reliable and professional partner as well as value co-creator, through our national and globally presented intellectual creative artworks, software development products based on the latest digital transformation technology, leading digital media platform with highly professional, ethical and purely independent editorial policy, as well as a global network of content distribution based on strict intellectual property protection. We are pleased to be your supporting partner on traditional business disruption by creating your unique values towards ever-changing customers behavior, using our long-term experience on digital transformation technology development and the latest marketing trends. Everyone at Mongol Content will be delighted to collaborate with your organization.

Sincerely, E. Chinzorig

Mission & Vision

We, MoCo will create content based on high professionalism, business ethics and innovation and leads to the well-being of society.


Mongol content to the World


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Our team

Албаны захирал З.Отгонтуяа
Otgontuya Zorig
Director of Product division
I was hired as a marketing officer since the company’s launch. Over the years, I learnt many new skills and experiences, gained personal development and worked with the team on numerous projects, programs, new products, and services. Our company is a pioneer in the content development sector in Mongolia, comprised of young, capable, wealth of talented people.
Хэлтсийн менежер Р.Адъяасүрэн
Adiyasuren Rentsendorj
Media manager
It is my twelfth year of employment at ‘Mongol Content’ LLC working as a close-knit unit. Time has flown past like a shot arrow, maybe due to constant learning and development. The reason why I have worked here for decades, as an old-timer, is my colleagues. We are a “cool” team that grows together, learns together, have fun together, and all enthusiasts for the work. Beginning from an operator to a manager, I have learnt and are implementing a great deal professionally as well as personally.
Албаны захирал Б.Ариунбилэг
Ariunbileg Bat-Erdene
Director of Media & PR agency division
This is my first ever job after graduating from university. During my 12 years at Mongol Content, I am grateful for the opportunity to partake in the successful implementation of many social projects and cooperative programs with our clients and customers through our products and services, and proud to be contributing to the growth of our company and our nation. I get energy and inspiration from my work at this leading digital content company that is always innovating and looking for new ways to innovate, and has provided me with different knowledge, experience, and outcomes to develop myself.
Зураач А.Билэгжаргал
Bilegjargal Agvaandondov
During my six years at Mongol Content, I have learned a lot about making animations, how a comic book is conceived, and how to work with 3D. It’s my pride to be working on the Maamuu animated project as I believe that I am contributing to the positive formation of future children’s development.
Албаны захирал Г.Гомбо
Gombo Ganbat
Director of IT division
Our company is unique. If you join other IT companies, you only communicate with professionals of the IT sector and likewise exposed to only information and knowledge of said sector. Whereas, at Mongol Content, you get to meet and work with people from diverse backgrounds, including; artists, journalists, directors, animators, writers, software engineers, marketers, and financiers. It is also possible to participate and develop yourself in various projects of multiple disciplinary fields. We strive to work hard, to constantly develop ourselves and to become a world-class team.
Сэтгүүлч Б.Нямдарь
Nyamdari Baigalmaa
It has been 12 years since I worked at "Mongol Content" LLC. Currently, I work as a journalist in charge of education field at It feels good to work with colleagues who have become my "second family", to learn from them and to grow. Of course, I am developing personally as well as professionally. Behind this background, there is a positive influence of "Mongol Content" LLC, which has introduced a good organizational culture and a competent team. Not only do we work together, but we always learn from each other, encourage each other, and open up, accept and correct criticisms and move forward. <3

MPM complex 12th floor, UNESCO St. 28, Khoroo 1, Sukhbaatar district, Ulaanbaatar 14220, MONGOLIA



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